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Kerri Grace

dulcolax canada I grew up in the mid-west. To this day I think being on-time means being at least 5 minutes early. I still struggle with that in Santa Cruz culture where on-time means anywhere between 5-30 minutes after the time we said we’d be there. Just had to say that.

https://www.brandslut.net/32068-lady-era-price.html fix From my perspective, successful Coaching has a lot to do with asking the right questions at the right time. People have their own answers. When you ask the right questions, you are working towards self-empowerment. I don’t have the answers for anyone, although I sometimes have insights. I’ve often wished others had the answers for me when I was confused. But, that’s not being honest or self-empowering.

arimidex price intervene I’ve discovered for myself that there’s a deep conditioning that wants to overcome uncertainty – to overcome anything that looks like potential weakness or softness. We’re taught early on that it’s always important to always have the answer and to make things happen by one’s own will and exertion. It can be very challenging to say out loud, “I don’t know.” And harder still to just sit with that for an indefinite amount of time until a next move becomes clear. But, sometimes that’s the way. And that way can seem very foreign. Typically we don’t think of allowing that aspect into Coaching, but I think there’s a place for it. Otherwise there’s a risk of forging a path that might not be what we really want, but the one we think should want.

http://rapidjad.com/?p=96 Tomorrow is always a new day. It may bring the answer you were seeking, the clarity you thought you lacked and the energy you need to move ahead in your life. Or it may bring more not knowing. That is okay too. Of course, we only ever have right now. Even in this moment, miracles are possible. Self-care is another important factor. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep, a stretch, a walk, or a good meal can do for your well-being.

I’m here for the hard questions, the projects you want to get moving on, the doubts, discarding the unhelpful beliefs, creating inspiring visions of new possibilites. I’m also here for the un-doing, the uncertainty and coming to the end of an endless cycle of seeking that so often accompanies the journey to spiritual-awakening (and even that concept is a good one to hold loosely).

i want to buy topamax I’m a certified Life Coach, a hospice volunteer, a member of the Natural Deathcare Initiative of Santa Cruz, a part-time gardener, and an MBA program candidate. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please send a message from my Contact page.